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Last Object

LastSwab - Beauty

LastSwab - Beauty

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The Last Object - LastSwab Beauty

When you need to touch up your eye liner, lipstick or other makeup with precision. Instead of grabbing a wasteful single-use swab for removal and correction, grab a reusable BeautySwab and save 1000's going to landfill!

This Beauty swab replaces over a 1000 single-use swabs. Reusable and easy to clean. Made from ocean plastic, another step in reducing our environmental impact. Made to last with a quality design. Used to remove makeup and when you feel the need to use a single use cotton swab. 



x1 LastSwab Beauty 

x1 Swab Case made from Ocean Plastic Waste

  • Case dimensions: 11 x 1.4 x 1.8 cm
  • B Corp Certified 
  • Reusable movement
  • Loved by people
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Flexible and High Quality
  • Reduces CO2 by 83%
  • Easy to clean

Why choose a reusable swab? Single-use swabs are made from plastic, paper and cotton. On average a person goes through hundreds each year. When you also take into consideration the packaging and make of these single-use swabs, switching the a reusable swab is a small but great step we can take to reduce our carbon footprint. LastSwab is 8.3 times better for the environment. 

How to use/manage: 

1. Use the precision swab end to remove any excess makeup, liner, lipstick etc. For a cleaner makeup look, the drier to makeup - the better.

2.  Clean your Beauty Swab with soap and water. (If you want to save on water you can use hand sanitiser). 

3. Place your swab safely into the included Beauty Swab case to keep clean and ready for travel. 

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