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Lemon Artemis

Recycled Grey Imitation Stone Rectangle Pot - 27cm

Recycled Grey Imitation Stone Rectangle Pot - 27cm

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Sustainability by design is at the center of the design principles behind this planter. Made from recycled materials and engineered for longevity you’ll be sure to love this superb little planter.

The Designer Pot range is designed to not only look great but ensure that our environment benefits from earth-friendly materials and construction ensuring that materials are not only recycled, but reused into something truly wonderful. You’ll be sure to love this lovely pot with natural tones.

Details of the garden pot

Length: 27cm (approximately) / Width: 12cm (approximately)

Height: 12.5cm (approximately)

Weight: 800g (approximately)

A modern plastic planter pot that is designed for use with either artificial or living plants and made from recycled materials that are extremely durable and long-lasting.

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