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6-In-1 Food Rotating Food Dispenser/Container - 10KG

6-In-1 Food Rotating Food Dispenser/Container - 10KG

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Uses: Rice, cereals, lentils, lollies, corn, peanuts, or other food items that you need to keep organised, fresh and easy to dispense. It features a simple and practical design, which makes it quite desirable and easy to use.

Our dispenser has six storage compartments that allows you to store a variety of items. The compartments are spacious enough and comes with 10kg storage capacity. Furthermore, this dispenser boasts space-saving design. Now, you don’t have to use different containers to store different food items. This All-in-one dispenser will keep your kitchen storage clutter-free and organised.

The dispenser has one-press grain outlet. It’s simple and easy to operate. You can even remove the top cover with built-in handle. It comes with a larger opening for easy refill and a 700ml U-shaped measuring cup to conveniently to pour the food items.

Made from food-grade and non-toxic clear, transparent plastic, this cereal dispenser is odourless and safe to use. It’s insect-proof and prevents moisture buildup. And with 360˚ rotatable design, you can choose what food items you need to take out conveniently. The dispenser also has an anti-slip bottom pad to prevent slipping. Purchase this versatile and convenient food dispenser for your kitchen today.

Food-grade plastic
Transparent and clear material
Six storage compartments
Spacious storage
360˚ rotatable
Up to 10kg capacity
One-press output
Removable top cover
Built-in handle
U-shaped measuring cup
Insect and moisture proof
Anti-slip bottom pads
Freestanding design
Space saving design

Material: Plastic
Compartment: Six
Capacity: Up to 10kg
Measuring cup: 700ml
Colour: White
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: One

Package Content
1 x Cereal Dispenser

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